Las Vegas Laminate Flooring Installation

Las Vegas Laminate Flooring

When searching for a cheaper alternative to natural flooring materials, many people choose to integrate laminate flooring into their design. Las Vegas laminate flooring installation is a great alternative to expensive hardwoods and tiles, however, keep in mind that the resale value of your home will increase dramatically when choosing natural materials. If you are not planning on selling your home, this shouldn’t be an issue or concerning factor of your decision. Some of the main pros to laminate flooring are the cost effectiveness and ease of installation, the durability of the material, and the aesthetic appeal. The ease of installing Las Vegas laminate floors is a bonus to the contractors and the homeowners alike, as it is usually done the quickest when compared to other floor types. This is definitely the way to go if you are in need of a visual update to the home and have a stricter budget to work with. By mimicking stone and wood finishes, it can give you the look you desire without the holes burnt in your pocket. When it comes to durability, laminate floors are a great choice. 

They are resistant to scratches and scuffing which makes them even more advantageous to young married couples with kids, animal lovers, or college students with roommates due to the heavier traffic experienced. One disadvantage to laminate flooring is its lack of sound absorption. In homes where lots of sound is common (such as with children and pets) this will prove to be little to no issue, but in other homeowner experiences, it can become quite a nuisance to have a hollow, acoustic echo with each and every step. There are solutions to this aside from choosing a different material, however, we want to be as open and trans[arent as we can be about what to expect from each of your options. 

Something else to consider in opposition to this material is, while laminate is water resistant, it is also prone to warping should it have heavy amounts of water left uncared for penetrate its surface. This leads to a debate about whether or not it is wise to use this material in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, as those rooms tend to have the most humidity and moisture content. Another small con to Las Vegas laminates is the fact that, by being man made, the design variations of each design are limited and not as unique as natural materials.

las vegas laminate
las vegas laminate

Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring Las Vegas

Two other materials we failed to mention are vinyl and linoleum. While we do work with these materials, we don’t work with them often, so we ask you to please call to work out all the details of your flooring project with us ahead of time to be sure we can cater to your needs appropriately. Just because we don’t see a lot of linoleum flooring Las Vegas, doesn’t mean we can’t help you! The same goes for minimal interactions with vinyl flooring Las Vegas; Our team is skilled enough to handle every step of your project. 

After carefully considering all of your options and which options will be the most beneficial to your overall goal, the next step is to hire a team to make your dream a reality! Our contractors are willing and ready to get to work for you! Give us a call now to get your flooring installation project going as soon as we can.

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